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British Columbia's Most Trusted supplier of Asbestos Transport Solutions

Bud Williams, HLI HazMat Logistics' owner, has been in the business of asbestos transportation for over 10 years and is a recognized expert by industry throughout British Columbia. He’s known as the guy to call when you have difficult questions or unusual problems, or just need to guarantee the highest level of expertise. The company itself is seven years old and has a record void of insurance claims. Our long-term staff has been chosen for their knowledge and proficiency.

Fully Licensed Environmental Transporter

With a 3 bin pulley system and a fleet of 13 trucks, HLI HazMat Logistics is the largest asbestos hauler in BC, and are uniquely licensed to transport asbestos.

We provide commercial and industrial services. We have participated in the Patullo Bridge deck rehabilitation, mill decommissioning projects, fisheries and many large projects in British Columbia, from the lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver to Kamloops and other regions throughout the interior of BC.

We are also a resource for individual homeowners and businesses involved residential restoration and renovations projects. We have different bin sizes to haul away asbestos and provide bag pick up as well.

HLI HazMat Logistics  is a fully licensed environmental transporter, whose insurance includes a 5 million dollar Environmental Coverage Policy.

Safety as a Duty

We take seriously our responsibility to the clients and communities we serve, and are aware of the importance and sensitive nature of our work we do. To ensure safety and to remove all cause for liabilities, our work is always fully compliant with Federal, Provincial and local regulations.

Getting the job done in a safe, cost-effective manner is what we’re known for.

Our mission is to ensure HLI HazMat Logistics is consistently the best solution to your asbestos transportation needs.

asbestos disposal services for large commercial projects & residential remediation
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