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HLI Hazmat Logistics specialises in safe and compliant asbestos transportation for the entire province of British Columbia, guided by Best Practices procedures. Our infrastructure is uniquely designed for transporting asbestos with the maximum degree of safety, and full regulatory compliance.

The Challenges of Asbestos Transportation

Asbestos is a difficult material to deal with. It is a dangerous substance that has well documented detrimental health effects, with long-term exposure leading to high risk of lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Unfortunately, asbestos can be found almost everywhere. It has been used as a component in the manufacture of everything from wall plaster and insulation, to electronics, pipes, and even mattresses. As such, asbestos is a potential health hazard for both homeowners and workers in an array of industries, including construction, power plants, mills and shipyards. In response, a full asbestos ban was announced by the Canadian government in 2016.

Disposing of asbestos is complicated. HLI Hazmat Logistics provides solutions for homeowners, businesses and industries by taking on the transportation side out of the equation, while helping navigate the legal and practical complexities involved in dealing with Federal, Provincial and local regulatory authorities.

Why HLI Hazmat Logistics?

HLI LogisticsWe have extensive experience in the asbestos and hazardous waste transportation industry. Our comprehensive knowledge is based on many years working within it, while developing and updating effective environmental waste transport services ‐ and we provide them at very competitive rates.

Our credibility is supported by our flawless environmental record, among the top rated in the country.

We are a fully insured and LT licensed Special Waste Transporter. We care deeply about your peace of mind and long term liability, as well as that that of our communities.

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