Residential Asbestos Waste Disposal

Asbestos in your Environment

In Canada, Asbestos can be found everywhere. During the 20th century, asbestos was used in in a wide range of household products and building materials, from fire-retardant coatings, to concrete and cement, bricks, insulation, drywall, pipes, gaskets, flooring, roofing, joints, paints and sealants. It also used in the manufacture of electrical appliances, plastics, rubber, and other products formulated to make mattresses, flower pots, lawn furniture, hats, gloves and much more. While regulation limited its use, products and building materials linger in older homes. Drywall from as recently as the 90's may still contain asbestos in its formulation.

HLI HazMat Logistics, Inc. helps homeowner and asbestos remediation contractors involved with restorations, extensions or renovations of older homes and buildings. Our infrastructure can accommodate projects of any size, and we are glad to take over the asbestos transportation and disposal side of any residential project.

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