Asbestos Transportation for commercial projects

HLI Hazmat Logistics works with commercial hazardous waste remediation contractors to save them time, money, and liabilities associated with transporting and disposing of asbestos waste.

HLI's expertise and equipment are focused on asbestos transportation.  By delegating to us, hazmat remediation companies can concentrate on other aspects of the job, knowing the work will be performed to the highest standards of safety, satisfy all regulations and remain within an affordable budget.

The need for Professional Asbestos Waste Transport

With an estimated number of more than 75 occupational groups exposing workers to asbestos, contractors in the commercial and industrial areas are fully aware of the need of proper hazmat managing, and of the problems disposing of asbestos involve.

With significant health implications for everyone in contact with asbestos waste, the requirement and regulations for disposing of this material safely adapt with every step of the process.

Asbestos waste transport involves a wide array of laws and regulations from areas of the government at every level. Every person involved in the transportation, handling or management of asbestos waste is expected to take all precautions necessary to prevent asbestos fibres from becoming airborne. This means that there are issues of liabilities associated with asbestos transport and disposal that go beyond simply ensuring the waste gets to a safe place. It means specific measures should be taken and protocols implemented that necessitate professional involvement.

Peace of mind

While full compliance is vital from the point of view of liability, it's even more important as a tool to ensure responsibility towards the public and the workers is met. The goal is always to accomplish the task without any threats to health and safety. HLI Hazmat Logistics is equipped to do just that.

HLI Hazmat Logistics disposes of the asbestos and contaminated waste material in Secure & Special Waste Environmental landfills in Alberta. Thanks to this, we can save you a significant amount of money without compromising the high standards of safety and compliance we are able to provide.

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