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The Logistics of Asbestos Transfer, Transport and Disposal

HLI Hazmat Logistics manages the transport and logistics side of asbestos disposal. This means we handle the transfer, transport and disposal of many tons of hazardous materials every year, with the focus on asbestos and asbestos contaminated materials.

HLI asbestos containers have been specially designed and build for on-site asbestos storage and transportation. It is our job to ensure proper techniques are used throughout the transportation and disposal process.

As one of the largest asbestos transportation and disposal outfits in Western Canada, HLI Hazmat Logistics offers asbestos disposal services for projects of any size -- from large commercial and government projects to residential remediation initiatives.

Fully licensed Operator

Provincial regulations require anyone transporting more than 5 kg of waste asbestos to have a licence to transport waste asbestos, and use a manifest issued by the BC government. Fully licensed and insured, Hazmat Logistics operates throughout BC as a specialist in asbestos transport and disposal. We work in full compliance with federal, provincial and local regulatory authorities.

Out of Province

BC regulations also specify that the waste asbestos must be sent to a facility that is authorized to receive and store that hazardous waste.

HLI Hazmat Logistics disposes of asbestos and contaminated material in hazardous industrial waste landfills in Alberta, which are equipped to deal with the substance safely and efficiently.

BC regulations requires that transportation of waste asbestos to other provinces must be done in accordance with the specifications of the federal "Interprovincial Movement of Hazardous Waste Regulations" under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

HLI Hazmat Logistics policy of Best Practices ensure full abidance to these regulations.

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